The protagonists of the future are small farmers, organized in cooperatives. Monoculture is discarded as an ineffective method, being replaced by agroforestry. Land is redistributed through demarcation of indigenous and maroon territories and agrarian reform, setting a new regime for property rules. Political leaders of indigenous and maroon movements lead transnational alliances based on ecological-feminist-anti-racist progressivism.

Due to a shift from a highly segmented, commodities-based global economy, regionalization of food production centres has become the norm. Consumption is more local, reducing the food production chain. Transporting food and goods through smaller distances is more efficient from planetary multispecies perspectives. Demographic density changes: medium-sized cities in rural areas become more important. Mega industries are replaced by smaller-scale local production centres whose methods are developed based on a sustainability framework of millennial cycles. This is facilitated by the democratization of access to automation for the performance of mechanical tasks. There is universal basic income. Due reparations are paid.

Globalized world lives by the logic of degrowth and commonality. There are no more billionaires (it is forbidden to be so) and international metrics of prosperity are based on collective quality of life. The workday outside the home is 4 hours. Domestic labour is valued and shared. Everyone has clean water, clean air, housing, public health, education, access and public incentive to culture and knowledge production.

Metropolitan areas become viable biomes, hybrid types of forest. Urban rivers cease to be channeled and become sinuous again. Cars are only allowed with special permits: the main individual vehicle is the bicycle.

The antagonists of tomorrow are the protagonists of yesterday, fanatics of growth who believe inequality generates progress; and the young people who romanticize the capitalist past and see individualism as a way to rebel against the collectivist status quo