Assuming we reject the singularitarian project as nihilist, hyper-colonialist and residually monotheistic, and assuming we also reject resigned, neo-primitivist catastrophism, then the only way to achieve planetary equilibrium while preserving the diversity of life-forms seems to be to produce an ecology at a new level, i.e., beyond the separation between nature, culture and technology. Only by assuming a universal human project on the background of a passive nature was it possible to pose the problem in terms of the “best form of government”. Rather, we should seek to cultivate a multiplicity of overlapping governance platforms capable of balancing each other without any overarching sovereign structure. This implies both different conceptions of intelligence to be “artificially” implemented and different conceptions of the good life. The modern concepts of politics and democracy should become meaningless in this context. Each being would then “vote” for its way of existence through their existence in that way. A multiplicity of governing intelligences would coexist on a level beyond the understanding or the control of either human individuals or institutions, and humans would trust those new deities as they have long trusted the ecosystems of the earth to remain in equilibrium – not because of some master-plan established by human or post-human intelligence, but simply though the resilience that results from complex and diverse systems. The diversity of ways of life, no matter if human or non-human, “cultural” or “natural”, would not only be preserved, but proliferate. And the human animal, finally freed from the burden of engineering destiny, would then be able to enjoy what had always seemed impossible: the gift of understanding plus the glory of animal life.