Installation made by collective Breve (@__breve) at Calma Kode Calma rave in Rio de Janeiro. 2022.

The project developed throughout this residency is built to be a scene-imagination stimulus tool. It is a web-based narrative that tells a complex and familiar story for local electronic music rave scene agents (collectives, events, labels, spaces, artists, and projects) while also proposing an unfamiliar attempt to change it. What if, instead of overly relying on corporate multinational beer/beverage monopolies to fund the scene’s activities, this same community decided to build a beer cooperative to do the same?

The story is designed in a gamified way so that any reader/player—especially those who are real-world agents like the ones fictionalized—can simulate what this endeavor would look like for their music scene. The project intends to teach and inspire through cooperative principles and practices; prototype governance statutes that are related to specific scene conditions; speculate on the use of current technology (Web3 and DAOs), not just for its own sake, but as a proven way to create new solutions for problems; reflect on scene economy not only through isolated agents, their projects, and needs but via a collectively owned enterprise.