A platform is a type of business which is flat and hovers above the ground. Like all business models, it works by channeling flows of matter according to a formalized ontology – a formalization of what determinate things are taken to be. This formalization produces a level of being and freedom which is abstracted, detached from the earth, while acting back upon the earth. To enter such a level as an agent is to take a specific user-form determined by the platform; to enter it as a thing is to take one of its pre-established commodity-forms. In the case of social platforms, those two forms tend to overlap. Since they determine heterogeneous and alternative ontologies, and since they manipulate the relation between time, form and matter through financial techniques, platforms are also time-traveling machines. They determine a timeline, and thus a future as opposed to other possible futures, and they work to produce such a future in the interest of those invested in it. Thus, competition between platforms is not just economic competition for riches at the level of a global market; it is cosmonomic competition for the future at the level of planetary becoming.