The convergence of the urban and the digital under the laws of financialization, commit space and body to constant territorialization that is both monetized and synchronized. From meta-date to Google street view, surveillance and navigation are but two of many instances of metabolic synchronization that bring together, body, location and device. With the primacy of financialization, under which both the digital and the urban behave like real-estate to speculate on, metabolic synchronization emerges in the form of Instagram foodies and Airbnb, marathons and gyms, joggers and food trucks, touchscreens and health stores, flash-mobs and pop-up exhibitions in non-art-spaces, and many other hallmarks of gentrification.

Marx writes in Capital III of the “irreparable rift in the interdependent process of social metabolism” (p. 949), by which human economic activity generates an intervention in metabolic patterns, i.e. environmental collapse by the hands of capitalist industrialisation. With the move from value to price, from labor to debt, from revolution to disruption, and from avant garde to speculation, the digital evolved as the material of capital and the totality of the social is replaced by the tidal liquidity of finance (immaterial labor, touching images on the screen, the rhizomatic panopticon of the Internet, shock-work on social media, cryptocurrencies). Metabolic synchronization emerges in the monitoring of heartbeats by apps, administration of bodies into registered and undocumented, customized ready to deliver services and goods, the design of the built space as a simulation for online extraction, etc. Combining the biopolitical and necropolitical, metabolic synchronization emerges as the form totalizing all forms of human activity making them subjected to finance.