Re: Abolition Network x Fem GPT-5

Dear Natasha,

Hey here, I think there is a long overdue debrief on the last project that we got on board in the cooperative. I have been debugging the code you gave me for awhile and its structure seems inherently dysfunctional. I think we are essentially trying to create impossible loops, as the condition we are providing can never be satisfied.

I decided to finally bring it up as I really have been enjoying the idea of the project - to make a new form of State governance that is under scrutiny by its citizens. I know we are trying our best since the regime is down, but I keep encountering these problems while trying to understand how exactly we are verifying State representatives and, in my case, personnel that would control them. I think we got quite far with identity verification, so they cannot hide like in Putin times, and created the whole network of accountability that should supposedly prevent police violence. It’s been quite a dream since the 2020s - I remember so well these projects on facial recognition of the police etc.

But this part I am working on now - what would be the ideal candidate for a person to control the State work - you know the conditions are off. So maybe I could talk to the team that is working on this anti-harassment app that everyone is talking about now? I’ve heard those feminists have made huge progress since they switched to verification of high values in toxic masculinity and targeted psychology programs based on Co-Star’s new text generating GPT-5 and I think they might help us with this, what do you think?

Looking forward,

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