Kim Stanley Robinson describes his latest novel, The Ministry for the Future, as a sustained thought experiment that is designed to articulate a “best case [climate] scenario that you can still believe in.” One aspect of this “optopian” scenario concerns the creation of a worldwide Carbon coin, backed by the central banks and issued in order to finance the great ecological transition. Interestingly enough, in the novel, this major financial shift is facilitated by blockchain technology. We thought it would be interesting to discuss this scenario in relation with the work of Toucan Protocol, a web3 initiative building an on-chain infrastructure for carbon credit market. The goal of these sessions: to both stimulate the regen imagination and interrogate the feasability of KSR’s rather centralized vision in the light of IRL decentralized initiatives.  

“And now that money itself was almost completely blockchained…”

Toucan Protocol and the future of regenerative finance